SOUNDMASS | Yang Bao & Liu Wa

On July 17 and July 18, artists Yang Bao and Liu Wa's latest sound installation SOUNDMASS was presented in a special way at TANK.
Preparation X Sound Design
After continuous adjustment and rehearsals, the two artists decided to line up four giant acoustics on one side, in order to reduce sound dispersion and enhance the echo effect. The Steinway piano was placed directly below the dome to maximize the sound, and the span of each key note was extended by more than ten seconds.
Live Performance X Video Projection
With no introduction,  Yang Bao walked quietly into the crowd in the flowing light and shadow of the video work Late Night Savage, sat down at the piano and began to play. Yang Bao composed and improvised 40 minutes of original music for the special circular structure of the TANK, turning the whole TANK No. 5 into a giant sound installation, in which the sound repeatedly hit the TANK wall and metamorphosed into a SOUNDMASS that constantly  devours and regenerates itself. Yang Bao's piano and Liu Wa's human voice kept mutating in the chaotic reverberation, climbing and receding inside the TANK, delivering tremors through the limbs of the audience present. The sound wraps around them in all directions at different speeds and angles, allowing each individual to have a completely different experience in different positions.
Yang Bao, Liu Wa X Xiang Yejing (Cici)  in conversation
Enhanced Presentation
On the 18th, the two-channel video Late Night Savage was presented in a sound-enhanced way.
Special Thanks
Steinway & Sons supported artists by providing piano for this event.
In 2015, Steinway & Sons launched the first high-resolution automatic player piano, the SPIRIO. In 2019, Steinway & Sons presents its latest creation, the SPIRIO | r Piano Performance and Recording Edition. The piano not only comes with the ever-expanding SPIRIO repertoire library, but also the ability to record, edit, play back, search and save live performances in Steinway's proprietary high-resolution format.