Cyprien Gaillard: Ocean II Ocean


Cyprien Gaillard 

Ocean II Ocean

2019.11.07 -  2020.1.12


Cyprien Gaillard at the TANK Shanghai

In his films, photographs and installations, Cyprien Gaillard embarks upon a search for artefacts, monuments and architectural creations, which now in the present have lost their original functions. After in-depth research, he travels to sites and landscapes around the world, where he finds historical and modern ruins in a state of dilapidation or reconstruction. He also reflects, through the media he selects for his works, the tensions created by historical overlays. 


Gaillard is fascinated by the complexity of the contemporary landscape, including the ways in which we interact with the land and the monuments and structures that we inhabit.


In the exhibition ‘Ocean II Ocean’, the TANK Shanghai will unite Gaillard’s latest works. Expanding upon his presentation in this year’s edition of La Biennale di Venezia, the film in the show will explore the themes of the ocean and oceanic engineering activity. The unique architecture of the TANK Shanghai, located as it is in an old fossil fuel tank provides an ideal setting for, and link between, the three works.