The Force Temple


The concept of 'the force' is the core drive of an artists creation process. In an era which art is gradually losing its self-confidence, it inevitably turns to the outside world for help. Art becomes a tool that is being overused in other fields. This type of fear, a fear for futility, erodes the force. Having too many mediums separates the artist and the work, which make the works lose their original power. Without excessive use of language, techniques, and forms, The Force Temple breaks elaborate frameworks and returns to the spirit of playfulness, explores the inner side of humanity, and turns it into a simple connection.


The Force Temple is a mixture of performing stages and playgrounds, trying to provide a kind of psychological state that we seek in religious pilgrimage places such as temples. The exhibition aims to create an ambiance which everyone is a part of the entire atmosphere. In children's games or untrained minds, art actually begins with whimsical thoughts.


This exhibition is curated by Tang Dixin and Yang Yuying. Artists are Fang Yang, Hu Xiangqian, Li Liao, Li Ming, Mountain River Jump (Huang ShangHuang He), Tang Dixin, Tian Mu, Yang Jian, Zhou Yilun, and Zhong Yunshu. Opening nights music by Tang Ting and Wen Jun from Absolute Purity.