Gtopia: Game Site



Before discussing games in the abstract and broad sense, "Gtopia: Game Site" tries to scrutinize the games in the concrete, real historical context, dismantling them one by one as information processors and cultural entertainment bodies. At the same time, the exhibition also extends the field of research and exhibition, pulling the lens back farther to include the people, organizations and systems that make games: the R&D company (Coconut Island), the independent media (indienova) that silently cultivate the ecology, and the social platform (TapTap) that directly links games and people through arithmetic. 


Today everyone is talking about games and all the buzzwords related to games, but we are not talking about the same thing. We start with a certain game, a certain type of game, a certain era of game, and we soon find out that they are separated from each other by mountains and seas.

Producer: Yang Jing, Consultant: Li Zhenhua, Curators: Liu Xiaoyi, Li Ruixuan, Li Zhen