The Calling of Harsh


The special exhibition The Calling of Harsh” is jointly initiated by artist Jia Aili and TANK Shanghai, and works as an extension and expansion of Jia Aili's ongoing solo exhibition “Harsh” at TANK. Since the call for entries was launched at the end of this February, hundreds of submissions have been handed in by people from all walks of life.


The Calling of Harsh” solicited sketch works with the theme of "Harsh" from the audience, and especially extended invitations to artists, and art students from the No. 2 Studio under the Department of Oil Painting of Luxun Academy of Fine Arts (LAFA), as well as the other seven academies of the notorious “Top 8 academies of fine arts in Chinato depict the “Harsh” in their hearts. The six invited artists had all visited the “Harsh” exhibition in person, and regardless of their diverse and distinctive styles, they returned to the very simple ways of creation for this “drawing exam with assigned topic.”


Jia Aili’s connection with LAFA goes all the way back to when he studied in the No.2 Studio of the Department of Oil Painting at LAFA, and he was offered a teaching position at LAFA after graduation. It is no wonder that Jia Aili's younger alumni, and creators who did artist residencies at LAFA have all keenly responded to the call of “Harsh.


The exhibition brings together works of artists from the Top 8 academies of fine arts in China, as well as creators with art academy background, all of which have actively participated in the project after receiving the fiery calling of “Harsh,” as well as the entries of numerous amateur painters and art creators from all walks of life.


The exhibition will open online on 29 May 2022, and will be the first online exhibition presented by TANK Shanghai. The audience can also see all the selected works on-site after the offline opening of the exhibition.




List of participating artists:


Adrian lurco, AMJAD, Cai Longfei, Cao Wenyuan, Chen Haoxuan, Cheng Cheng, Dai Junxi, Deng Wei, Ding Yongsheng, Du Jinfeng, Duan Qianwen, Fan Chujing, Fan Huaxiao, Feng Jianzhuo, Fu Qiyi, Geng Defa, Gong Baiyu, Guo Zhaolin, Han Bing, He Chaobing, He Xinyue, Hou Yijie, Huang Bingjie, Huang Dongli, Zuo Yang, Ji Shihong, Jia Jidong, Jin Futai, Li Hanxiao, Li Jiazhu, Li Pengfei, Li Pengpeng, Li Yakun, Liu Chao, Li Yongsheng, Li Gu, Lin Rong, Liu Chengxin, Liu Zhicheng, Lu Xiaoyue , Ren Zeming, Lu Shun, Min Hao, Mou Yuqiao, Qiang Heng, Qiao Xiangwei, Qiu Lingui, Song Tao, Wang Hui, Sun Xibin, Qin Chao, Wang Shixiang, Xiang Bu, Song Yuanyuan, Wang Fuliang, Wang Huanqing, Wang Jiajia, Wang Shan, Wang Shuo, Wang Wanxiang, Wang Ying, Wang Yufeng, Wang Yueyi, Wang Zhaodi, Wang Zipan, Wei Ke, Wu Yuqing, Xiang Juye, Shi Yancheng, Xiao Jiang, Shi Jiazhi, Xie Xuanming, Xie Ziyu, Xu Mingliang, Xu Qiuhan, Xu Danqi, Xu Jiachen, Yan Heng , Yan Ming, Yan Jieqiong, Yang Bin, Yang Jie, Yang Kunxiang, Yang Ming, Shi Shuqin, Yang Yifan, Yao Yijun, Yin Tianxiang, Yu Dahe, Zhang Hao, Zhang Xiaolin, Zhang Yiying, Zhang Yuzheng, Zhao Jing, Zhao Yonglin, Zhao Yong, Zhou Beite, Zhou Chang Yi, Zhou Longmin, Zhu Jiewei, Zou Wei, Wang Yuan