Friends in the Arts : Exhibition of Chinese Collectors’ New Contemporaries

Friends in the Arts

Chinese collector's new contemporaries


2023. 11. 8 – 2024. 1. 28



“Friends in the Arts” unites 56 new-generation collectors from China to present contemporary artworks acquired over the past three years. TANK Shanghai meticulously selects representative works in various mediums from these collectors’ global artist portfolios. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in their stories, explore their relationships with contemporary art, and experience the resonance between their collections and our times.


In 2018, TANK Shanghai focused on a group of Chinese contemporary art collectors, presenting a comprehensive exhibition, “Art Patrons,” taking the lead in focusing on Chinese contemporary art collectors. Today, after a five-year hiatus, TANK Shanghai brings back the series of exhibitions “Friends in the Arts.” This time, we shift our focus towards the new-generation collectors, who are actively engaged in the contemporary art scene, aiming to present a more expansive portrayal of the diverse collector community at this juncture.


Most of our friends in the arts have a background of overseas study and actively participate in art and culture-related industries. Their cultural cognizance transcends traditional confines, and their fluid thinking and innovative lifestyles enrich their capacity for discerning judgments in art. This exhibition brings us a glimpse of the different approaches of collectors to contemporary art and collecting in this era. The new generation of collectors, driven by their profound understanding and passion for contemporary art, has emerged as the embodiment of “Friends in the Arts.”


“Friends in the Arts” constitutes a passionate cohort deeply immersed in contemporary art. Collecting becomes a testament to one’s discernment of the present, an expression of empathy with society, and a journey of self-discovery. These individuals are the archivists and nurturers of contemporary art, weaving their unique narratives, making the exhibition “Friends in the Arts” an extension of the “Art Patrons” exhibition.




Opening of "Friends in the Arts" , TANK Shanghai,2023





Collector List:


Bao Yifeng, Cai Jian, Cao Beichen, Cao Jixiang, Justin Chan, Delora Xuanqiao Che, Honus Tandijono, Vivian Chen, Chen Zihao, Cheng Cheng, Michael Cheng, Michael Cheng Sheung Chuen, Ding Zehua , Michael Guo, Vince Guo, He Juju, Ying Ying Hsieh, Hua Zihan, Tianze Jiang, Jiao Jingjia, Linyao Kiki Liu, Olivia Li, Ruby Li, Li Wendong, Richard Liu, Betty Liu, Jenny Liu, Luo Xudong, Pan Yang, Joy Shing, Minluo Su, Coobe Wang, Wang Shujin, Sylvia Wang, Tony Wen, Wu Meng, Wu Wei, Xi Tao, Cici Xiang Yejing , Alda Xie, Cherry Xu, Cindy Yan, Aria Yang, Yao Chien, Vivian Young , Yu Dan, Michelle Yuan Bing, Zhang Chang, Kairong Zhang, Joan Zhang, Sherry Zhang, Michelle Yunjia Zhang, Wenxi Zhao, Niklas Chou, Zhu Zhu, Zong Long



From left to right:Zhibing Qiao, Jingjia Jiao, Zhu Zhu, Bin Yuan, Tyra, Cheng Cheng 



Artist List:


David Altmejd                                                                             Hernan Bas 

André Butzer                                                                              Chen Yujun 

Chen Xiaoyi                                                                                Enzo Cucchi 

Henry Curchod                                                                            Ding Yi 

Ding Shiwei                                                                                Dong Dawei 

Duan Jianyu                                                                                Simon Fujiwara 

Noémie Goudal                                                                            Mona Hatoum 

He Xiangyu                                                                                 Candida Höfer 

Jia Aili                                                                                       Jiang Zhi 

Jiū Society                                                                                  Izumi Kato 

Tomasz Kręcicki                                                                           Li Binyuan 

Marilyn Minter                                                                              Yuko Mohri 

Oscar Murillo                                                                               Ouyang Chun 

Philippe Parreno                                                                           Pu Yingwei 

Qiu Xiaofei                                                                                  Daniel Richter 

Gabriel Rico                                                                                 Pipilotti Rist 

Simon Starling                                                                              Sun Yitian 

Vivian Suter                                                                                 Wolfgang Tillmans 

Wang Yin                                                                                     Wang Guangle

Kiki Xuebing Wang                                                                        Wang Jiajia 

Wei Jia                                                                                        Issy Wood 

Xia Yu                                                                                         Xiao Jiang 

Hiroka Yamashita                                                                          Yan Bing 

Yang Fudong                                                                                Ye Linghan 

Anicka Yi                                                                                      Zhang Enli 

Zhang Ji                                                                                       Zhang Zipiao 

Zhang Ruyi                                                                                   Zhang Zhaoying 

Zhang Yibei                                                                                  Zheng Guogu 





“Friends in the Arts” exhibition space










Dan Qiao, in charge of TANK Shanghai. She holds a degree from School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and co-founded the non-profit space in Chicago “Gallery no one.” She joined TANK Shanghai after graduating in 2019, and has since helped organize the exhibition “Theaster Gates: Bad Neon,” as well as events such as” TANK ART FESTIVAL,””TANK NYE PARTY,” etc..




Evonne Jiawei Yuan is a writer and curator based in Shanghai. She graduated from Fudan University with B.A. in Museology, The Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London with M.A. in History of Art, and the Architectural Association School of Architecture with M.A. in History & Critical Thinking. Recent curations: “By Virtue of Situated Compromise” (ASE Foundation, Shanghai, 2023), “A Tie to All the Earth” (Perrotin in collaboration with teagan:, Beijing, 2023),  “Steadfastly Revise For the Standards in Nonproductive Construction (Part I: Solid Molds; Part II: Liquid Circulates)” (Long March Independent Space, Beijing, 2022–23), “Entangled, Ensnared, Entwined – Carol Bove, Hu Xiaoyuan, Alicja Kwade” (Longlati Foundation, Shanghai, 2023), etc. Co-curations: “Friends in the Arts: Exhibition of Chinese Collectors’ New Contemporaries” (TANK, Shanghai, 2023), “New Moroism – Michael Ho, Chris Huen Sin-Kan, Timothy Lai, Su Yu-Xin” (White Cube, Hong Kong, 2023), etc. Current research interests include the architectural media in-and-of contemporary art, (post)modern spatial concepts, border aesthetics and its geopolitics. She was Guest Curator of Longlati Foundation and Head of its Writers’ Acquisition Committee from 2021 to 2023, leading the launching of solo exhibitions “Ma Qiusha: The Mirror(-scape) of Your Skin” (2022), “Laure Prouvost: Theatergarden and A Be(a)stiary of the Anthropocene” (2022), etc. In 2022, she co-founds totalab, an independent curatorial office and art space in Shanghai with artist-curator Julian Junyuan Feng, where she curated “Going Viral: Zombies, Pluribiosis, and Love of the Living Dead” with works from the Soil Collection (2022).






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In 1947, Christian Dior, founder of the House of DIOR, presented his first collection at 30 Avenue Montaigne, inciting a fashion revolution with his “New Look”. Over 70 years, his visionary spirit never ceased to glorify women all over the world. Season after season, this exceptional heritage is reinvented by the singular creative passion, force and modernity of the House’s Creative Directors who make the DIOR magic live on with audacity, excellence of savoir-faire and its unique beauty of the gesture. Today, DIOR continues to design dreams, with product categories encompassing Haute Couture, Womenswear, Menswear, Baby Dior, Jewelry and Watch, Dior Maison, Skincare, Makeup and Fragrance, whilst continuously exploring the fields of art, culture and social responsibility.





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